Workshop On Reliable Forecasting Intuition

The World Innovation Forum (WIF) announced a workshop “Cultivating Intuition: Effective Forecasting In The Face of Rapid Change” lead by Paul Saffo, forecaster, strategist, Stanford University Professor, and featured World Innovation Forum presenter.

If forecasting were only about crystal balls, mere mortals would not stand a chance. Saffo maintains that the secret – which is attainable to all – is "intuition". Once we understand how to harness and apply intuition, we can then tie forecasts to strategy, insuring a greater sense of reality resulting in meaningful and valuable forecasts. Forecasts that align to strategy will lead to making the right decisions now

In discussing his session Saffo says, "When crises hit and uncertainty overwhelms us, our first instinct is to pull in and focus on the present. But this instinct is as disastrous as instinctively turning against a skid on an icy road.

This session will present a set of simple rules calculated to reframe this instinct into reliable forecasting intuition, which will then be applied to issue areas of specific interest to attendees. Attendees will learn how to rapidly map uncertainties, develop forecasts and translate forecasts into strategy responses".

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