Workshop on Flash indicators

The most recent infrastructure improvements in Information Technology and Communication along with the technological advances of forecasting methods and the increasing demand of timeliness statistical information have created the emergence of flashing indicators or real time indicators.

Flashing indicators refers to short-term estimation, namely nowcasting, of relevant information for policymakers, like GDP. Flashing indicators are a compromise between timeliness, higher frequency and accuracy. They allow a snapshot of the ongoing economic situation.

There will be a IIF workshop on flash indicators in Verbier, Switzerland on January 21/22, 2011. The main objective of this workshop is to present papers from well-known international specialists and practitioners on the following three fundamental issues:

i) Forecasting methods in real time indicators,

ii) Factors that affect the accuracy of such estimators and relevant criteria in the choice of the exogenous variables

iii) Examples of ongoing projects on flashing indicators, techniques developed by national statistics' office to convert administrative data in statistical ones and techniques of data disaggregation and reconciliation

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