What is Pattern Based Analytics?

A fast emerging area of business analytics is Pattern Based Analytics (PBA). This has been launched due to the very large amounts of data and need for analytics that can reveal meaningful patterns that businesses can act on.

A typical reaction to the large amount of data is “If I had seen this coming sooner, I could have acted faster, decreased my risk and enhanced my opportunities for growth. Pattern Based Analytics typically requires focus on a business areas, e.g. Sales, Marketing, Finance, etc. The key to Pattern Based Analytics is automatically revealing intelligence that is hidden in the data/information.

This is a fast growing area because of key value points:

  • Instant Use – The inherent nature of Pattern Based analytics is that it does not require models and it accepts unstructured data. Hence, one of the greatest value points is Instant Use!
  • Accepts unstructured data –  A key value point that drives down implementation time, barriers and cost, and dramatically increases applicability of the analytics.   The ability to detect patterns in unstructured data makes it very easy for applications from sales data, marketing data, to twitter strings.
  • Big Problems are easy – Problem size and data size are not an issue with PBA. On sales data, Emcien’s PBA will easily solve buying patterns on 250,000 to 500,000  SKUs in a few minutes. This offers the ability to solve problems that were too large/expensive to solve previously.  This is a game changer, when the closest alternate solution requires complex models and has serious size limitations of a few hundred SKUs.
  • Works on problems big and small – On problems big and small, PBA is a natural fit. PBA dramatically lowers the price of analytics, enabling smaller companies to gain immediate value from business analytics.
  • No data-models, No data-cube, No set-up – This is one of the single biggest value points for PBA.  This eliminates the need for specialized analysts, statisticians and technical staff  to interact and maintain the system.  The  ability to accept unstructured data and not require a model means No Setup. This also means you can go live now!  No more 18-month implementation cycles!!!
  • Intuitive for non-technical users – Pattern Based Analytics can present results naturally in a very intuitive way.  This is because the patterns that are pop are typically the top categories that need attention. There is not need to drill down and ask questions – the ultimate bain of every BI user.
  • When Pattern Based analytics is pointed at sales data, the patterns that pop are "what are the top selling items", "what is the pattern of choices combination", "where is this happening"? Any non-technical business user can use this report to stock better and drive more sales.
  • Always up to date – Patten Based Analytics does not use models and cubes. Hence there are no cubes to maintain and update. Even as time passes, the analytics are always up to date, due to the ability to input non-structured data.

Gartner has rightfully established Pattern Based Strategy as the next frontier for capitalizing on large volumes of data and deriving value fast and continually.

Source: http://www.emcien.com