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Welcome to the official website of M4…


Welcome to the official website of M4 International Competition for forecasters. More Information about the competition will be announced soon. If you want to receive the latests news please register yourself to our site. After your registration you can visit our forum.





  • M Competition – 1982 – 1001 timeseries
  • M2 Competition – 1993 – 29 timeseries
  • M3 Competition – 2003 – 3003 timeseries
  • M4 Competition – 2010 – 10101 timeseries


Collecting Data and organizing the Datasets of competition

M4 Competition Team:

Spyros MakridakisDistinguished Research Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD

Vassilis Assimakopoulos – Professor of Forecasting Methods at National Technical University of Athens

Konstantinos NikolopoulosLecturer in Decision Sciences at Manchester Business School

Aris SyntetosReader (Associate Professor) in Operational Research (OR) and Operations Management at Univeristy of Salford

Dimitrios Thomakos – Professor of Applied Econometrics at Univeristy of Peloponnese

Forecasting & Strategy Unit of National Technical Univeristy of Athens


Last Update 8.1.2010

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