Webcast: Forecast Value Added Analysis: Step-by-Step

SAS is offering a free webcast on "Forecast Value Added Analysis: Step-by-Step" on Wednesday June 4, 11:00-12:30 EDT.

FVA analysis has been used by many leading organizations to identify waste and inefficiency in forecasting. By eliminating those process steps and participants that are not adding value — and may even be making the forecast worse — organizations achieve better forecasting results with less time and money spent forecasting.

Content will be provided by Mike Gilliland, SAS Product Marketing Manager, and Mary Cote, Business Consultant at Deltaware. The webcast will provide all the details you need on mapping your process, gathering and analyzing your data, and reporting results to management.

For more information and registration: http://www.sas.com/events/cm/176129/index.html