Venetian to improve loyalty and increase profits

It’s more important than ever to join customer relationship management and revenue management to maximize profitability. Combining data mining and revenue optimization tools helps the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino to allocate rooms effectively.

Combining SAS' experience in developing statistical forecasting solutions with IDeaS' extensive experience in hospitality industry business processes and data is giving customers the best of both worlds. IDeaS drew on SAS' vast R&D resources to enable its customers to already benefit from more advanced, accurate forecasts. Especially important in an uncertain economy, improved forecasting is helping marketers and revenue managers make decisions that increase profits.  

Hospitality customers have high expectations that must be met in order to maintain their loyalty and satisfaction. It is essential for organizations to maximize the use of customer intelligence. SAS Customer Intelligence provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise marketing solutions to help organizations: 

  • Enhance the customer experience by gaining customer knowledge and insight and maintaining a continuous customer dialogue.
  • Achieve profitable revenue growth through customer value management by retaining profitable customers and acquiring new customers.
  • Improve marketing performance and accountability by linking marketing activities and aligning them with overall company goals, while optimizing marketing expenditures.

"Brand-loyal leisure travelers are smart and successful, belong to multiple travel loyalty programs, and enjoy planning and booking travel online. Marketing leadership professionals should focus on retaining current loyal travelers, winning back past loyalists, and creating strong relationships with new travelers…" (How to Regain Travelers' Loyalty, Forrester Research, Inc., December 3, 2008) 

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