Vail Resorts Entices Guests to Slopes

Vail Resorts marketers rely on business analytics to plan, test, and deliver the right marketing offers at the right time, coordinating activities across their enterprise to boost response rates and ROI.

To compete effectively, Vail Resorts strives to know more about its customers than any other vacation provider. The leading mountain resort operator in the US has the enviable advantage of participating in the entire customer experience, including travel reservation, shopping, lodging, dining, recreation and events. Every customer interaction generates valuable data that holds the keys to understanding and improving guest experiences.

“We were confident that SAS could solve our most complex marketing needs,” said Tim April, VP of Information Technology, Vail Resorts. “By using SAS, we are now better able to access, segment and model our guest data in order to offer more timely and relevant communication. We chose SAS as a long-term partner based on the quality of the overall business analytics platform, and the scalability and potential growth opportunity with applications such as SAS Marketing Optimization and SAS Social Media Analytics.”

First, Vail Resorts implemented SAS Customer Intelligence for corporate and brand marketing. No longer depending on IT for lists, Vail Resorts marketers now create their own targeted campaign lists, which are easily incorporated into fulfillment channels, including Vail Resorts' e-mail marketing system and direct mail houses. Campaigns that once required two weeks of lead time now take just two hours to run – leaving more time for marketing innovation.

Innovation is critical in the competitive vacation provider market. Next, the company will add sophisticated response models that predict guests' likelihood to accept certain offers. It will also use customer segmentation models to identify profitable segments so marketers can present opportunities to migrate customers into more profitable segments.

“Working with SAS Professional Services, Vail Resorts implemented SAS extremely fast – far exceeding Vail Resorts' expectations,” said Lindsay Korstange, Manager of Sales and Marketing Applications at Vail Resorts. SAS suggested many best practices and process improvements.

“This is a huge success for Vail Resorts IT and marketing. Users love SAS' graphical campaign management tools and were quick to exploit them. Our campaigns are faster and more effective. SAS Analytics lays the foundation to reach ever-higher levels of marketing sophistication and increases the value we offer our guests and our business.”