Trends – March 2008 Issue

Trends is the e-newsletter from Business Forecast Systems. Trends puts more than two decades worth of forecasting knowledge, experience and expertise at your fingertips every other month. Watch it for tips & techniques, information & insight, observations & opinions and more.

Forecasting 101: Exponential Smoothing Demystified
Part III – How to Interpret the Results

This installment of Forecasting 101 presents the third of three articles on exponential smoothing. The first two articles presented a conceptual overview of the technique and examined how to select an appropriate exponential smoothing model for a given data set. In this installment we explain how to interpret the output from an exponential smoothing model.

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Trends 30-Second Survey: New Product Forecasting

New product forecasting continues to be a critical topic for forecasters across a wide range of industries. This issue's Trends "30-Second Survey" seeks insights as to where new product forecasting resides within organizations, the approaches utilized to forecast new products and new product forecast performance/accuracy. All responses are anonymous and results will be reported in the next issue of Trends.

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Forecasting and Futuring to See Over the Horizon

At last month's Forecasting Summit, Professor Roy Pearson presented a fascinating tutorial explaining how previously accurate forecasts can become disastrously wrong when structural breaks or major shifts occur. In this article, he explains how business forecasters can add futuring to their toolboxes to anticipate major shifts that can dramatically change their forecasts.

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Forecast Pro XE and Basic Version 5.1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the latest versions of Forecast Pro XE and Forecast Pro Basic-Version 5.1-which include several improvements and enhancements. Enhancements in Version 5.1 include outlier detection and correction, newly added "simple"-but often very useful-models, and compatibility with Microsoft Office Vista Edition.

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