The best of Forecasting in three parts

Foresight’s editors have compiled the best of the best practices from the pages of Foresight into three invaluable guides to improve the accuracy and efficiency of forecasts.

The Forecasting Process
Explore the principles that define forecasting craftsmanship, and propel you toward a better organizational forecasting process. You’ll receive guidelines on how to implement effective forecasting practices based on technical knowledge, research, and hard-won experience.

Forecast Accuracy Measurement
Written by top forecasting practitioners, consultants and academics, this essential guide reveals best practices, confirms the ones you’ve already implemented, and helps you nip in the bud those practices that hamper your efforts to improve.

Evaluate, Manage, and Improve
The challenges of creating meaningful metrics, the pressure to continually improve forecast accuracy, and the trials of process management are ongoing and constant. Benefit from checklists and step-by-step guides, practical advice and cutting edge research to help you overcome the hurdles you face.

The three guides can be found in the Document Store of Foresight. You may purchase past issues, special feature sections, individual articles, and in-depth guides on forecasting topics.