Sweden’s Rusta selects SAS

Trendy Swedish home and leisure products retailer Rusta AB has selected SAS to use changing demand patterns in individual stores throughout the chain to improve forecast accuracy down to the SKU level.

“We looked at various optimization solutions and concluded SAS was the best choice for us strategically,” said Sven-Olof Kulldorff, a Rusta executive. “SAS offers a comprehensive solution that also includes optimization features that we can build on.”

“Being able to automate routine supply, inventory and space decisions frees up time for our team to take care of exceptions.” Kulldorff said the Rusta team previously managed forecasting and space planning manually with Excel spreadsheets.

“We are seeing a shift – retailers of all sizes are beginning to see the value of adopting analytics,” said Diana McHenry, SAS Global Retail Product Marketing. “Likewise, we see more retailers bringing in SAS Retail Intelligence Solutions across multiple areas of their organizations.”