Special issue of IJF on Energy Forecasting

The latest issue of the IJF is now out, and hard copies will be mailed to subscribers shortly. This is a special issue on Energy Forecasting, guest edited by James Taylor and Antoni Espasa.

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International Journal of Forecasting International Journal of Forecasting

Volume 24, Issue 4,  Pages 561-792 (October-December 2008)

Energy Forecasting
Edited by James W. Taylor and Antoni Espasa

  1. Editorial Board
Page iii
  2. Energy forecasting
Pages 561-565
James W. Taylor and Antoni Espasa
  Energy demand
  3. An hourly periodic state space model for modelling French national electricity load
Pages 566-587
V. Dordonnat, S.J. Koopman, M. Ooms, A. Dessertaine and J. Collet
  4. Forecasting the electricity load from one day to one week ahead for the Spanish system operator
Pages 588-602
José Ramón Cancelo, Antoni Espasa and Rosmarie Grafe
  5. A smooth transition periodic autoregressive (STPAR) model for short-term load forecasting
Pages 603-615
Luiz Felipe Amaral, Reinaldo Castro Souza and Maxwell Stevenson
  6. Input space to neural network based load forecasters
Pages 616-629
Alexandre P. Alves da Silva, Vitor H. Ferreira and Roberto M.G. Velasquez
  7. Modeling and forecasting short-term electricity load: A comparison of methods with an application to Brazilian data
Pages 630-644
Lacir J. Soares and Marcelo C. Medeiros
  8. An evaluation of methods for very short-term load forecasting using minute-by-minute British data
Pages 645-658
James W. Taylor
  9. A nonlinear mixed effects model for the prediction of natural gas consumption by individual customers
Pages 659-678
Marek Brabec, Ondřej Konár, Emil Pelikán and Marek Malý
  Wind power
  10. Adaptive combination of forecasts with application to wind energy
Pages 679-693
Ismael Sánchez
  11. Short-term wind power forecasting using evolutionary algorithms for the automated specification of artificial intelligence models
Pages 694-709
René Jursa and Kurt Rohrig
  Electricity price
  12. Bayesian density forecasting of intraday electricity prices using multivariate skew t distributions
Pages 710-727
Anastasios Panagiotelis and Michael Smith
  13. A new approach to characterizing and forecasting electricity price volatility
Pages 728-743
Kam Fong Chan, Philip Gray and Bart van Campen
  14. Forecasting spot electricity prices: A comparison of parametric and semiparametric time series models
Pages 744-763
Rafał Weron and Adam Misiorek
  15. Forecasting electricity prices: The impact of fundamentals and time-varying coefficients
Pages 764-785
Nektaria V. Karakatsani and Derek W. Bunn
  16. Keyword Index Volume 24 (2008)
Pages 786-788
  17. Author Index Volume 24 (2008)
Pages 789-791