Small businesses get forecasting right

Anticipating growth or tough periods is a crucial aspect of managing cashflow. Experts will be in a live Q&A for advice on successful forecasting.

When it comes to small business, the consensus is not to underestimate the importance of planning ahead.

“From understanding the peaks and troughs of cashflow to building expectations of the market, experts are keen to point out how forecasting is essential to long-term growth”, according to Emily Wight of The Guardian.

“You might be surprised, then, to learn that 61% of SMEs in the UK are failing to forecast. Small business owners have so many other concerns at the moment that finding the time and the skills necessary to forecast ahead can be difficult.”

To help businesses get to grips with successful forecasting, a panel of experts will be answering questions and giving key advice, be it the right time to forecast, what to base your predictions on, or the practicalities of successful business forecasting.

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