Salford Launches Predictive Modeling Software

Salford Systems, supplier of data mining and predictive analytics software, unveiled its new Predictive Modeling software suite at NCDM 2010.

Salford Predictive Miner (SPM) provides businesses, institutions and government agencies with a highly accurate, ultra-fast platform for developing predictive, descriptive and analytical models from large and complex databases.

SPM technology dramatically accelerates accurate, robust model generation by automatically sifting through such databases to isolate significant patterns and relationships. Yet the program is easy to use for both technical and nontechnical

“Salford Predictive Modeling suite provides analysts and decision makers with exceptionally rapid knowledge discovery,” said Aaron G. Davis, vice president of analytics at DataLab USA, a Salford Systems client.

“The four algorithms included in the suite not only provide unrivaled predictive accuracy for almost any problem, but also a variety of unique perspectives of the underlying relationships. The modeling automation allows for the refinement of models in a matter of hours instead of days.”

“Salford Systems helped pioneer data mining,” stated CEO Dr. Dan Steinberg. “We believe product performance — unparalleled speed, accuracy and scalability—distinguishes us from the competition. By combining four unique software products into a single suite, we provide users with the tools to solve any of their business predictive challenges.”