Right90 Awarded Patent in Forecasting

Right90 was awarded a patent for its Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Change Engine, which enables companies to identify and act on changes to their sales forecast in real time. The patent is based on its ability to dynamically store data and retrieve information.

"We're thrilled to be recognized with a patent for what we believe are the most important elements of sales forecasting technology," Right90 Founder & CTO Dean Skelton said. "It's never been more critical for companies to be able to maximize their sales forecast, and for every member of the organization to feel empowered to respond quickly to their customers' demands. Right90's software is designed to give executives the up-to-the-minute view of the business they need."

Right90 Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Change Engine is unique in its ability to both record forecast data and analyze changes in it. This technology allows Right90 users to translate valuable information into the different languages of various business departments. For example, a sales manager predicts the future of the business by looking at sales opportunities, the CFO forecasts based on margins and operations focuses on how many units of a product it needs to produce. With Right90, each department understands the sales forecast in a meaningful way and can adjust its performance accordingly to best execute on the overall goals of the business.

The Right90 Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Change Engine makes OLTP and OLAP based data storage methodologies no longer mutually exclusive. Traditionally OLTP and OLAP databases could not be combined; data was either statically backed up or dynamically overwritten. The Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Change Technology is a marriage between the two, enabling retrieval of historical and current data to manage sales forecasts.

The Right90 Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Change Engine is available through the Right90 solution. For more information or to view a demo, visit www.right90.com.