Right90 Adds ForecastX Module

Right90, a provider of sales forecasting software as a service for enterprises, added a statistical forecasting application to its sales forecasting solution. Powered by ForecastX, it enables companies to model future demand based upon patterns from historical shipment data.

By adding John Galt Solutions award-winning statistical forecasting engine, ForecastX, to the Right90 suite of sales forecasting applications, Right90 delivers a richer forecasting solution. Right90 enables companies to assemble a run-rate forecast, new business forecast, a weighted forecast, a judged forecast and now, a statistical forecast.

"Right90 Statistical Forecasting gives our customers the ability to create inputs into their overall sales forecast that are based upon objective calculations and not a ‘gut feeling,'" said Southard Jones, Right90 VP of Products. "Based upon historical data, Right90 Statistical Forecasting enables businesses to predict what their customers will purchase."

Right90 Statistical Forecasting does not require users to input additional data in order to generate this analysis. Customers who are already collecting shipment data in an ERP or other system can benefit from Right90 Statistical Forecasting with no additional effort. Using the ProCast technology from John Galt, Right90 Statistical Forecasting determines which of 25 different algorithmic calculations generate the most accurate sales forecast.

"Being able to perform these calculations without requiring additional input will save companies time and help them generate more accurate sales forecasts," said Anne Omrod, John Galt's President & CEO. "By partnering with Right90, we are able to contribute a highly accurate sales forecast that is fit specifically for each customer without relying upon the extra data collection that other systems require."

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