Real-time Predictive Analytic Capabilities

Adenyo has launched a new predictive analytics solution, that uses intuitive profiling and targeting to deliver real-time predictive analytic capabilities to marketers and data analysts.

As an online Software-as-a-Service tool, Adenyo Insights automates predictive modeling enabling marketers and analysts to better understand untapped market opportunities through in-depth analysis of customer, consumer and community data. Adenyo Insights delivers an end to end process that can be delivered in minutes, rather than days, accelerating intelligent, accurate campaign targeting on the fly.

“Adenyo Insights is effectively stripping the complexities that previously prevented the increased adoption and integration of predictive modeling into the larger marketing plan,” says Chris Matys, Adenyo Chief Analytics Officer. “Under the hood, Adenyo Insights' engine does the heavy lifting by running complex predictive models that analyze thousands of variables in real-time, automating the profiling and targeting process for marketers and enhancing the capabilities of established analytics departments.”

Adenyo Insights also enables marketers to synthesize their data with Adenyo's own best-in-class community attributes and consumer segmentations database. “With thousands of community attributes and segments that boast over 20 groups and 150 types, it provides a significantly more granular level of classification than other analytic systems, thus enabling a more complete and effective way to accurately target potential prospects, increase customer base visibility and streamline the entire analytics process.”

Source: Adenyo