Quantrix CEO on the Forecasting Value Chain

Quantrix CEO Chris Houle will be a featured speaker at the Financial Forecasting & Planning Summit, scheduled for November 17-18 in London. The event is focussed on solutions and best practices for innovative financial planning and analysis.

Quantrix (http://www.quantrix.com) develops the business modeling and analytics (BMA) software solution, Quantrix Modeler. CEO Chris Houle's presentation is on The Forecasting Value Chain, which is defined by the information flows and interactions between forecasting groups and other business functions.

Houle's presentation will focus on steps companies can take to ensure that forecast models are based on reliable data, encompass the full spectrum of likely scenarios, and are integrated to show the full cause and effect of scenario changes to the business.

In addition, the session will discuss how business leaders can drive the flow of forecasts to the appropriate constituencies for decision making, and develop forecasts that enable organizations to meet customer demands and internal business goals while driving profitability and continued success.

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