Qualifirst Group Selects JustEnough for Demand Forecasting

JustEnough Software Corporation announced Qualifirst Group as a new North American customer. Canadian-based Qualifirst Group serves the three major markets in Canada with quality fine food products from all over the world.

Qualifirst manages their 2,000 SKUs at two distribution centers in Vancouver and Toronto. They began the search for a solutions provider because they wanted both of their locations to essentially serve as main distribution centers, eliminating the need to have their Toronto distribution center act as a hub. With JustEnough, they'll be able to do just that.

"We selected JustEnough because they seem to be most modern in the market with much more detail than other programs," said Ray Martin, General Manager of Qualifirst Group. "We will be able to get much richer forecasts and get more data than we are currently able to."

JustEnough will provide inventory planning, demand forecasting and sales and operations planning for Qualifirst Group. With the implementation, Qualifirst Group expects to give customers a better service level and to make their distribution channel more complex and robust.

JustEnough is a market and technology leader in demand forecasting and inventory planning. JustEnough's on-demand and on-site inventory management solutions help retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors of every size to forecast their customer demand and calculate their safety stock.

Each year JustEnough calculates over 1.5 billion forecasts and recommends over 826 million orders to more than 8 million suppliers for customers that include Philips Lighting, Cooking.com, Nissan Diesel, Sit N Sleep, Seventh Generation, Blain's Farm & Fleet, Pick n Pay Fresh Produce, Score Supermarkets, Barloworld Caterpillar and Goldfields.

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