Predict fuel consumption to improve MPG

A new online tool allows fleet decision-makers to predict individual vehicle real world fuel consumption.

The tool has been introduced by Derwent Management Services (DMS). It produces a predicted budget based on the volume of fuel an individual car or van will use. It’s included within TotalCost, an online vehicle whole life cost operating tool.

Using a sliding scale, the tool enables fleet decision-makers to reduce the combined cycle MPG figure claimed by a motor manufacturer for any specific model by up to 25% and thus take account of individual driving styles, vehicle load, traffic conditions, wind resistance etc.

Jeff Edgar, director of business development at DMS, said that with the new function fleet managers are able to more accurately predict real world fuel use. “Fleet managers should know what MPG individual vehicles/drivers are achieving and they can then adjust accordingly from manufacturers’ combined cycle MPG figure.”

More accurate
“Invariably, fleets that base fuel budgets on manufacturers’ claimed MPG figures will potentially be in for a nasty shock when bills materialise. Our enhanced tool enables businesses to more accurately forecast future fuel bills.”

Source: Fleet News

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