Planning and Forecasting System for Hospitals

CPM Marketing Group, supplier for healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) and strategic marketing solutions, announced the introduction of its Planning and Forecasting (P&F) system designed to provide actionable forecasting information to assist hospitals and health systems in planning.

Leveraging CPM's CRM technology, the comprehensive system includes a robust database, detailed consumer and patient indexes, local forecast adjustments, real-time analytics, "big picture" dashboards, customizable mapping, in-depth reporting and a library of workbook solutions.

The P&F system uses CPM's proprietary Data Fusion database construction and maintenance system to produce definitive demographic and utilization/encounter forecasting to help hospitals plan how to allocate resources, which service lines to promote and adopt, as well as where to target marketing efforts.

To produce accurate forecasts, the system aggregates a multitude of data-sets ranging from health plan records, patient history and state hospital association intelligence to psychographic, demographic, geographic and census information. This knowledge-driven analysis enables hospitals to allocate funding to the most cost-effective initiatives, which leads to a positive impact on the bottom line.

"Responding to our clients' requests for a planning and forecasting system that integrates with their physician and consumer marketing systems, we developed a powerful solution that truly allows hospitals to understand their marketplace and build accurate, actionable, strategic plans," states John Hallick, CEO of CPM Marketing Group.

"Our main goal in developing this system is to help hospitals maximize opportunities for growth, while reducing capital risk." The scientifically based system is designed to: Determine where the most desirable patient segments reside today and where they will reside in the future.