Peet’s Coffee & Tea improves forecasting & inventory management

Peet’s Coffee & Tea has cut waste while still maintaining a high threshold of quality using RedPrairie’s solution. Peet’s has used the full range of capabilities featured in the application to significantly reduce wasted product through improved forecasting, inventory management, and auto-ordering.

Peet's Coffee & Tea, Inc., (PEET), is the premier specialty coffee and tea company in the United States. Peet's buys the highest quality beans in the world, artisan roasts every bean by hand to order, and delivers all of its coffee quickly for superior freshness no matter where it is sold.

Founded in 1966 in Berkeley, Calif. by Alfred Peet, who is widely recognized as the grandfather of specialty coffee in the U.S., Peet's has a rapidly growing, passionate customer following that seeks out Peet's coffees wherever they go. Peet's is committed to strategically growing its business through many channels without compromising the extraordinary quality of its coffee.

"Peet's has an extremely high standard of quality and freshness for the products we send to market. These freshness standards contribute to higher waste in our retail stores" says Tom Cullen, Peet's CIO, "Maintaining that superior standard while controlling cost is an absolute necessity. RedPrairie's solution offered us the ability to keep our commitment to excellence, while lowering our costs significantly through waste reduction."

RedPrairie Site Operations offers this ability by managing a variety of functions associated with food and beverage service with built-in features to provide flexibility and visibility. Through configurable workflows and exception-based reporting, the solution provides an exceptional ability to forecast demand and automate restocking of necessary items at each site.

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