New version of EasyNN-plus neural network software

Neural Planner Software Ltd. today announces the immediate availability of EasyNN-plus 9.0c, neural network software for Microsoft Windows, which models the decision making process of a pragmatic expert.

EasyNN-plus 9.0c can generate multilayer neural networks from imported text files, images or grids with minimal user intervention. The user can produce training, validating and querying files using the facilities in EasyNN-plus or using any editor, word processor or spreadsheet that supports text files. EasyNN-plus can learn from training data and can self validate while learning. It can be queried from a file or interactively.

EasyNN-plus can produce spreadsheet like output and results files. Training, validation and queries of EasyNN-plus neural networks can be done in just a few clicks. It is possible to use EasyNN-plus directly, from many other applications or from the command line using the script language or recorded macros.

Neural networks produced by EasyNN-plus can be used for data analysis, prediction, forecasting, classification and time series projection. It’s ideal for predicting future trends, forecasting sales, weather, planning work, investing, etc.

One of the applications of EasyNN-plus has been the use of its multilayer back-propagation neural network for forecasting of an avalanche in Himalayan region. Metrological and snow data for Himalayan region was used for training the neural network, then generated neural networks were used to forecast whether an avalanche would trigger on a particular day from November to April. The network accepted eighteen inputs and produced an output whose value was zero or one, zero for no avalanche and one for avalanche on that day.