New Stock Market Forecasting Feature has released a new morning stock market update forecasting feature that can help traders and investors more effectively position their trading activities and manage their portfolio risk. Users will be able to tell if each day is an “up” day or “down” day before they engage in trading.

"This will assist subscribers to plan their daily investment activities more wisely," said Robin Mitchell, co-founder of is a unique tool that helps its subscribers learn in advance when the stock market will turn and change in direction a full week in advance (on Sunday nights). The service supports its forecasting with daily and intraday updates as needed. It also provides comprehensive training to help new and seasoned traders enhance their investment results. Subscribers of can also take advantage of weekly stock market forecasts.

"Nobody does what we do," Mitchell said. "Many people and scholars believe that stock markets are not predictable in any way and are random. Probability analysis of our forecasts consistently shows this to be false-at probability levels that are staggering." encompasses a complex system of forecasting. It basically calculates different cycles in the market, and its computers formulate the forecast for the following week. These forecasts are most appropriate for swing trading and even day trading. On a week-to-week basis, can predict the direction of the trading week with nearly 85 percent accuracy.

The specialized service provided by is focused on SP500 futures index. However, subscribers can use it for any type of trading instrument including stocks, futures and options. So, essentially, anything that moves in the direction of the market-Russell, Dow, NASDAQ, QQQQ, SPY-can be traded using its forecasts.

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