New Release of Retalix DemandAnalytX

Retalix, a global provider of software solutions for retailers and distributors, announced the immediate availability of Retalix DemandAnalytX release 6.0, which makes the implementation of demand forecasting and order optimization easier and faster.

Retalix DemandAnalytX (DAX) is a browser-based, demand forecasting and computer-generated ordering (CGO) solution that enables retailers and distributors to optimize inventory levels, increase product availability and reduce spoilage. The software application uses unique algorithms to interpret POS sales and inventory data, forecast store-level demand and optimize replenishment orders, for both convenience store and supermarket formats.

The new Retalix DemandAnalytX release 6.0 handles more complex promotions and vendor deals, and better handling of perishable, short shelf-life items. A new set of administrative tools enables faster software implementation with considerably less effort.

"DAX 6.0 was installed and up and running on time and at our projected budget," said Gayle Crouch, Director of Information Systems for 7-Eleven Stores, an operator of over 100 convenience stores in central Oklahoma. "We are seeing very positive results and anticipate even more as we finish the rollout."

Retailers using Retalix DemandAnalytX have reported out-of-stock reductions of up to 80 percent, decreased inventory levels of up to 40 percent and spoilage of perishable products down by as much as 55 percent. These powerful results are the outcome of sophisticated algorithms developed specifically for the food retail business, and a holistic solution that manages all aspects of the ordering process — analytical, operational and reporting.

"The release of Retalix DemandAnalytX 6.0 brings 'out of the box' interoperability that makes it easier and faster to implement and to drive returns from the technology investment. With the new version of DAX, our team achieved quick implementations in record time at customer sites, getting the users ready to rollout with significantly less effort on the IT side," said Gil Roth, executive vice president of Supply Chain Products, Retalix. "More than one thousand supermarkets and convenience stores in North America are already using DAX, integrated with back-office, headquarters or supply chain solutions, either from Retalix or legacy systems."