New Record for Forecasting Principles

Having reached 3 million visits on May 30, 2010, visits to have been running at a rate of nearly 6,000-a-day with the result that visits exceeded 4 million on November 21, 2010.

The Forecasting Principles site is provided as a public service by the International Institute of Forecasters. It summarizes all useful knowledge about forecasting so that it can be used by researchers, practitioners, and educators. The site is devoted to improving decision making by furthering scientific forecasting.

The site describes all evidenced-based principles on forecasting and provides sources to support the principles. The primary source is Principles of Forecasting, a comprehensive summary of forecasting knowledge which involved 40 authors and 123 reviewers.

In each area, the authors have identified what is known in the form of “if-then principles”, and they summarized evidence on these principles. The book was edited by Professor J. Scott Armstrong of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

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