New issue of Trends

The May 2008 issue of Trends, the e-newsletter from Business Forecast Systems, is out. Trends puts more than two decades worth of forecasting knowledge, experience and expertise at your fingertips every other month.

Forecasting 101: How Low Can You Go?

Many organizations need to generate forecasts at very detailed levels. Deciding upon the lowest level at which to generate statistical forecasts and deciding how to allocate a statistical forecast to lower levels can have a major impact on forecast accuracy. This installment of Forecasting 101 examines some of the issues surrounding these decisions including how the "forecastibility" of data changes at different levels of aggregation.
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New Product Forecasting: Trends 30-Second Survey Results

In the March issue of Trends we conducted the fifth installment of the ongoing Trends 30-Second Survey series with a survey on new product forecasting. In this issue we report on who is responsible for new product forecasting at companies, the processes and approaches they use and how satisfied they are with the results. Downloadable slides, including a list of additional resources, are also provided.
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An Interview with Allan Lichtman: Forecasting the Presidential Election

Attendees at the February Forecasting Summit conference in Orlando sampled a different flavor of forecasting at the conference's keynote address. Professor Allan Lichtman of American University presented "The Keys to the White House," a historically-based model that has forecast-well ahead of the actual elections-the winners of every presidential election from 1984 to 2004.
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Custom Modeling in Forecast Pro Unlimited

Although Expert Selection mode in Forecast Pro Unlimited works extremely well and most users rely on it, there are times where user input into the modeling process can improve the forecast. This article explains how to easily customize and fine-tune forecast approaches in Forecast Pro Unlimited.
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