New Issue of the International Journal of Forecasting

A new issue of the International Journal of Forecasting (IJF) is out now. Hard copies will be posted soon. This is a special issue on US presidential election forecasting with guest editors James Campbell and Michael Lewis-Beck.




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US presidential election forecasting: An introduction
Pages 189-192
James E. Campbell and Michael S. Lewis-Beck




Forecasting the presidential primary vote: Viability, ideology and momentum
Pages 193-208
Wayne P. Steger




It's about time: Forecasting the 2008 presidential election with the time-for-change model
Pages 209-217
Alan I. Abramowitz




The economy and the presidential vote: What leading indicators reveal well in advance
Pages 218-226
Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien




Forecasting presidential elections: When to change the model
Pages 227-236
Michael S. Lewis-Beck and Charles Tien




Forecasting non-incumbent presidential elections: Lessons learned from the 2000 election
Pages 237-256
Andrew H. Sidman, Maxwell Mak and Matthew J. Lebo




Evaluating U.S. presidential election forecasts and forecasting equations
Pages 257-269
James E. Campbell




Campaign trial heats as election forecasts: Measurement error and bias in 2004 presidential campaign polls
Pages 270-282
Mark Pickup and Richard Johnston




Prediction market accuracy in the long run
Pages 283-298
Joyce E. Berg, Forrest D. Nelson and Thomas A. Rietz




The keys to the white house: An index forecast for 2008
Pages 299-307
Allan J. Lichtman




The state of presidential election forecasting: The 2004 experience
Pages 308-319
Randall J. Jones Jr.


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