Musco Olive Selects John Galt for Forecasting

U.S. olive producer and importer, Musco Family Olive Company, has selected the John Galt Atlas Planning Suite for demand and inventory management as well as collaborative sales forecasting.

Whether you enjoy olives at home or while eating out, there is a good chance they came from the Musco Family Olive Company. Musco's Black Pearls brand, introduced in 1993, is now the #1 brand of olives in the United States. Together with their #2 selling Early California brand, Musco commands 60% of the national branded market share. They are also the dominant supplier of olives to restaurants and other food service companies.

In late 2008 Musco decided they should move beyond Excel spreadsheets to more sophisticated forecasting and inventory planning tools. "We need to have the right product mix available in every store, and that's more challenging than ever in this economy," explained Craig Olson, Logistics and Purchasing Manager for Musco.

Musco assembled a cross functional team that represented different departments including supply chain, sales, finance and IT. After taking a test drive of several supply chain planning systems they unanimously selected the Atlas Planning Suite given its robust capabilities, extensive reporting and ease of use. "Our entire team agreed that John Galt's Atlas Planning Suite offered the best value for the best price," stated Olson.

With the Atlas Planning Portal, the entire Musco sales team can easily provide forecasting input regardless of their physical location. "With the increased collaboration between field sales and demand planning we expect a boost in forecast accuracy that will help us capture more revenue by reducing stock outs, while lowering inventory carrying costs," summarized Olson.

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