Mortgage Company Minimizes Risk through Trend Analysis Software

The mortgage company Amit Kapil Mortgage (AKM) has announced an agreement with Ensynctrends, a division of TSG One Stop, under which AKM will implement Ensynctrend's sophisticated trend analysis management and forecasting reporting software EnsyncRep.

EnsyncRep provides AKM with online access to complex conditional default probability models that will minimize yield degradation and maximize returns for its investment clients. These trend analysis tools allow AKM to realize a significant competitive advantage by protecting its investors from credit losses in an increasingly volatile market.

Says Managing Member Amit Kapil of his mortgage company partnership, "Monitoring fluctuations that reflect capital markets' evaluation of default risk expectancy is absolutely critical in the current lending arena, where market perceptions of threats to credit quality — such as an imminent recession or overselling in the residential real estate sector — drive investor movements and significantly impact our bottom line revenue. Ensynctrends gives AKM vital tools for staying ahead of our peers and providing our clients with the concierge-level premium service they expect."

Ensyctrends' Lead Strategist, Temeko Richardson, is working with AKM to incorporate "trends of prior customer relationships, existing processes, and economic indicators into AKM's models to drive greater customer loyalty, investor confidence, and long term growth."