Monash University sets up Forecasting Wiki

Students of the Monash University noted that the time series and forecasting material on Wikipedia was particularly poor, often being inaccurate or non-existent. They decided to set up their own forecasting wiki site which anyone on the research team can contribute to.

The Monash Forecasting wiki is intended to cover everything one may need to know about high quality research in quantitative time series forecasting, as well as related areas of mathematics, statistics and probability. The site is currently under construction. At this stage, only members of Rob Hyndman's research team can contribute. The project's participation can be extended to interested members of the BusEco Forecasting Unit at some later stage.

The Monash Forecasting wiki is available at

Professor Rob Hyndman, Director of the Monash University Business & Economic Forecasting Unit, earlier this week received the Vice-Chancellor's postgraduate supervision award. Setting up the Forecasting wiki is one of various problems that Rob and his students have encountered.