Metrics for Clinical Supply Chain Management and Forecasting

A new study is to assess current industry business challenges and trends facing clinical supply chain management, including: study-drug forecasting, study design, and cost reduction opportunities.

Participants will include experts in global study forecasting, drug pooling and adaptive trials from both large and small pharmaceutical companies. The results of this global study are expected to establish industry benchmarks for clinical supply chain metrics related to study design, forecasting, simulation, and optimization.

“Our industry currently lacks meaningful benchmarks for clinical trial supply chain management. BioClinica anticipates that these study findings will help to set new standards and approaches for trial sponsors and managers looking to find cost savings and create further efficiencies,” said Peter Benton, President of eClinical Solutions for BioClinica.

“There is an industry-wide need today for solutions partners to demonstrate quantifiable results for trial sponsors. At BioClinica, our goal is to not only offer best-in-class technologies, but also the insight and support to help forward our customers' business objectives.”