Max Keiser looks into the future every Friday on BBC World

BBC World News is working with Max Keiser, the creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange, to produce "The Oracle," a weekly entertaining look into the future with the help of today's headlines and prediction market charts.

The Oracle's partners include Eldorado Pictures, the production company of Emmy award winning star, Alec Baldwin. BBC World News Head of Programmes, Paul Gibbs, says: 'If Max had been on our screens a year ago the current global financial crisis would not have been a surprise. It might not even have happened.'

Alec Baldwin, who has enjoyed a relationship, both personal and professional, with Keiser for nearly 30 years says, "I'm excited to be working with Max on The Oracle. Keiser combines blazing intellect, total irreverence and searing honesty to put forth news and commentary like no one else can." The Oracle is planned to air every weekend from early 2009 on BBC World News. Celebrity and expert guests join Max to pore over the prediction market charts to see where people are predicting today's news might lead.

Max Keiser, has a long and amazingly accurate history of looking at market prices in order to predict the future. As the creator of the world's first prediction market, the Hollywood Stock Exchange, Max presented "Rumble at the Box Office" for NBC's Access Hollywood accurately predicting box office. Max went on to predict the present economic turmoil in a series of ten films for the Aljazeera English magazine series, People and Power.