Markwins Doubles Algorithm Options

Markwins International produces many of the most recognized and successful brands in cosmetics. It operates its own manufacturing facilities, contracts with suppliers around the world and has four warehouses.

Promotional activity at Markwins requires a near-constant analysis of the company’s 10,000 database records. Each brand and each customer may have five or six major promotions per year. Planners worked relatively independently on spreadsheets which would then need to be re-entered into forecasts.

Markwins needed more forecasting accuracy and better collaboration with customers and suppliers. Implementation of Avercast required no change in the company's setup. The seamless integration from old technology to new put it on the “100 Great Supply Chain Projects” published in the upcoming issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine.

Markwins’ key suppliers can now view the company forecast while customers enter their own projections for Markwins’ products. With 185 algorithms built in, Avercast has more than double the number of algorithms provided in Markwins’ old system.

“Avercast is more interactive, results in greater accuracy, helps track promotional impact on our supply chain and provides a stronger connection to suppliers and customers,” said Martin Toh, General Manager for Markwins International.