Learn to streamline business forecasts at F2010

Despite spending considerable time and money on forecasting, organizations are rarely satisfied with the results. Only through trustworthy forecasts, based on sound methods and recognition of uncertainties, can decision makers appropriately allocate resources and mitigate risks.

Lessons to boost forecasting accuracy and efficiency will mark the F2010 business forecasting conference, taking place June 7-8 in Cary, NC. Engaging keynote presentations and session talks will highlight new forecasting applications, tried-and-true approaches and case studies from companies, including Cisco Systems Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, MillerCoors and Wescom Credit Union.

Co-chairs Tim Rey of The Dow Chemical Company and Jerry Oglesby of SAS, the leader in business analytics, created F2010 to help forecasting professionals provide consistent and reliable analysis of business information.

"At F2010, attendees share best practices for improving forecasting results," said Tim Rey, Manager of Advanced Analytics at The Dow Chemical Company. "Business forecasters can elevate the value they bring their company by helping decision makers exploit market opportunities and overcome risks. This conference puts the goal of continuous improvement first and foremost. Rather than traveling to many training classes, F2010 provides an inexpensive way to learn the latest in business forecasting."

To maximize the value for each attendee, F2010 features an exhibit hall and networking events, a conference reception and dinner, poster presentations as well as pre- and post-conference learning opportunities. Those who successfully complete SAS training courses earn continuing education units (CEUs).

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