Kraft Foods Improves Transportation Efficiency

Kraft Foods is implementing a new Transportation Forecasting solution, which provides transportation and warehouse planners with forecasts and promotions by lane, mode, temperature, class and carrier, which are synchronized with the corporate demand plan.

Historically, logistics planners have had to rely on informal communication of promotions, manual estimates of seasonal demand, and shifts in lane volume due to changes in manufacturing.

With Transportation Forecasting, plans are visible weeks in advance, creating the opportunity to reserve capacity as needed rather than waiting until orders arrive and paying a premium for freight. By synchronizing with sales and operations planning (S&OP), logistics is now aligned with Kraft's Supply Chain and Manufacturing Departments through the use of a common operational demand signal.

“Transportation Forecasting will help us better anticipate customer demand and trends,” said Mike Cole, Senior Director of North America Transportation at Kraft Foods. “And Transportation Forecasting will provide a great opportunity for us to work with our carriers and customers, improving efficiency for everyone.”