Kelley Blue Book turns big data into big value

Kelley Blue Book transforms big data into unrivaled insights for the automotive marketplace. The premier provider of new- and used-car information grew from 100 to 500 employees in five years by working smarter.

“Our enterprise analytics group expanded from one to 23 in just three years,” said Shawn Hushman, Vice President of Enterprise Analytics at Kelley Blue Book. “We’ve become an analytics-driven company by embedding real-time analytics into our operations. Our new processes provide unbiased insights to decision makers, making the reliance on conjecture a thing of the past.”

To extend the analytics culture across the company, Kelley Blue Book created an analytic center of excellence. The resulting improvements in decision making help the company consistently outperform competitors. Both costs and benefits of analytics projects are highly visible, making the power of analytics clear to all.

A particular challenge facing automotive dealers and lenders is pricing vehicles close to market. Kelley Blue Book has outpaced competitors by adding forecasting to assist in determining vehicle values. Values are updated using hundreds of thousands of transactions, including regional factors, helping businesses manage inventories to allay risk, minimize losses and increase profits.

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