Improving Behavioral Health Services

The County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health has chosen software from SAS, a supplier of business analytics software and services, to improve client outcomes for the residents it serves.

The Department will use a data warehouse to standardize, consolidate and access existing data. It will apply SAS' advanced analytics and predictive models to generate insights to help direct the Department's funds and resources to programs that are most effective and beneficial to constituents.

“We continuously look for better ways to serve our consumers, particularly in challenging economic times,” stated Keith Harris, Ph.D., who manages the Department's Research and Evaluation division. “With SAS software, we will be able to identify which services work best for which clients and more effectively address the mental health service needs of our residents while at the same time attending to our fiscal responsibilities as a public agency.”

San Bernardino is the largest county by area in the contiguous United States and has a population of more than two million. The Behavioral Health Department serves approximately 45,000 county residents each year through programs that support prevention, intervention, recovery and resiliency for people suffering from mental and emotional disorders and/or substance abuse problems. In addition to the above, the Department conducts outreach and education activities to support individuals, families and communities affected by behavioral health issues.

By integrating knowledge within and across county organizations, SAS allows agencies to create a holistic and integrated view of residents and families, analyzing their service utilization and needs, and designing effective programs of care. SAS' modeling software enables administrators to predict the future needs of clients and families to plan appropriate services that will achieve the best long-term outcomes.

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