IJF website redesigned

The International Journal of Forecasting website has been changed. Now all published papers back to Volume 1 can be accessed from this site. There are two new facilities that will change the way readers interact with the journal: comments and supplements.

It is now possible for readers to contribute comments on each paper via the website. These comments are publicly visible. The authors may provide responses if they choose to do so. So if you have any thoughts on published papers, you can now make them public for the benefit of all forecasters. You can think of this as an extension of refereeing, but post-publication and publicly visible. All comments will be moderated. 

Supplementary information about a paper can be provided by authors and will be available online. This includes data, computer code, large tables, extra figures, extended footnotes, extra relevant material, errata, etc.  Authors of IJF papers are requested to contribute a complete set of data in electronic form to the website, or provide instructions for how to obtain them. Authors will also be encouraged to provide whatever other material is needed to ensure that their results can be replicated without excessive difficulty.

The new website also provides links for article submission, guidelines for authors, and provides a list of the top-cited articles in the journal.

Go to http://www.forecasters.org/ijf/