IDeaS Brings Accuracy and Consistency to Forecasting

IDeaS Revenue Optimization, a supplier of pricing, forecasting and optimization solutions and services, introduced IDeaS V5i Forecasting, a cost-effective tool that provides hoteliers clear insight into anticipatory data. This enables a more accurate and consistent forecasting and reporting process which can lead to increased revenues.

IDeaS V5i Forecasting is ideal for hotels that are considering automating revenue management processes but are not ready to commit to a fully automated system. IDeaS will showcase IDeaS V5i Forecasting on booth 748 at HITEC 2009 in Anaheim, Calif.

"With the introduction of IDeaS V5i Forecasting, we are providing hotels a quick and easy-to-implement solution for automating a specific portion of their revenue management process," said Linda Hatfield, vice president of product management and marketing for IDeaS. "This allows hotels to begin realizing the benefits of an automated system prior to committing to a full deployment. This solution is the perfect first step into the larger revenue management investment, particularly in these difficult economic times."

Incorporating uncertainty and specialized algorithms, IDeaS V5i Forecasting applies IDeaS' industry proven forecasting methodology. This allows hotels to benefit from the automated updating of forecast patterns, based on recent trends through pattern recognition technologies. Similar to all IDeaS V5i products, IDeaS V5i Forecasting is implemented via Software as a Service (SaaS), can operate on cloned data even before a hotel opens through the IDeaS New Hotels Success Service Package (NHSSP) and seamlessly integrates with other property management and central reservation systems.

Key Benefits of IDeaS V5i Forecasting:

  • Budgeting: Hotel performance can be assessed on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis against financial goals
  • Multi-property view: IDeaS V5i Forecasting centralized control allows for access to all properties in the world, at any time, remotely
  • Custom Reports: Provides client-driven and highly specialized reports directly through the IDeaS V5i Forecasting application interface
  • Management Reports: Provides analysis of all data, including business trends and exceptions, forecast and booking paces

For more information about IDeaS V5i Forecasting, please visit IDeaS booth 748 at HITEC for a live demonstration, or visit