IBM Puts Predictive Analytics Into Global Technology Services

IBM has announced that powerful new predictive analytical capabilities, constructed using intellectual property from 21 inventions, have been incorporated into its global technology services portfolio – including information technology and strategic outsourcing services.

Predictive analytics capabilities have been pioneered by IBM Research to enable chief information officers (CIOs) to construct specific, fact-based financial and business models for their information technology (IT) operations.

Traditionally, CIOs have had to make decisions about their IT operations without the benefit of tools that could help interpret and model data. Now, planning future investments for data center capacity or adopting emerging technologies such as cloud computing can be more predictable, resulting in savings of up to 40 percent of technology infrastructure expenses through balancing IT capacity with business growth.

“Until now, CIOs have been unable to access many of the predictive, analytics-driven tools that CEO's or CFO's have used for years,” said Steven Sams, vice president, IBM Site and Facilities Services. “With today's announcement, CIO's are able to not only apply relevant facts to optimize current IT investments, but also access business insights needed to make the best use of limited resources.”

“In essence this broad array of new analytical capabilities take data generated from IT operations and turn it into a set of facts that clients can then use to make smarter business decisions,” he added.