IBM adds Predictive Analytics to Cognos

The new version of IBM's flagship business analytics software platform Cognos 10 includes predictive analytics capabilities.

Cognos 10, which was unveiled earlier this week at IBM's annual Information on Demand conference, also offers support for mobile devices, improved ease of use and the ability to more easily import unstructured data, said Rob Ashe, general manager of IBM's business analytics division.

This new software provides business users with an integrated view of historical information with real-time updates to give users a complete picture of their business. Now, business users can benefit from accessing information with a range of views from simple real-time information to advanced predictive “what if” analysis.

The predictive analytics capabilities in Cognos are the result of IBM's $1.2 billion acquisition of predictive analytics specialist SPSS Inc. in 2009. Ashe said the SPSS technology, allows customers to, among other things, conduct “what if” analysis and gauge how current business trends will affect levels of supply and demand.

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