IBF Publishes Special Issue on POS

As businesses continue to search for better ways to thrive in a volatile economic climate, the IBF offers guidance with a special issue of the Journal of Business Forecasting, which includes 12 articles on demand planning & forecasting with Point-of-Sales (POS) / Syndicated data.

This issue has all you need to know about how to keep pace with consumer behaviors and make better decisions with consumption data. Winning companies are the ones leveraging consumption data for forecasting in this economic climate.

Over the past months, the world's current economy has forced change in demand planning and forecasting processes. Consumers continue to be less loyal, more demanding, and more cost conscious. In order to operate efficiently and profitably in this environment, making decisions based on what consumers are doing is extremely valuable. This special issue will give professionals best practices in forecasting & planning with POS/ Syndicated data that can spell survival for retailers who integrate them into their business strategy.

Highlights include the articles by demand planning & forecasting professionals, such as Jeff Brown's article (Consumer Driven Forecasting to Improve Inventory Flow: Brown Shoe Company's Journey) about how the Brown Shoe Company implemented a forecasting process to capture information about consumers' purchases so they could synchronize demand with factory operations. The article by Robin Simon gives the ABC's of POS-based demand planning and forecasting while the article by Larry Lapide from MIT discusses the what, why, and how of POS data.  Hugh McCarthy from Nestlé explains how to enhance the demand planning process with POS forecasting; Mike Borgos from Osram Sylvania tells how to maximize POS as a source of data and insight; and Richard Shapiro from Jarden Consumer Solutions gives details on how to use POS data in demand planning.

The Journal of Business Forecasting, a leading quarterly publication of the IBF for nearly 30 years, is complimentary with IBF membership. This commemorative Point-of-Sale (POS) and Syndicated Data Winter 2008-2009 issue will hit the shelves in January 2009.

To reserve your copy and download a free sample article from this special issue visit: www.ibf.org/POSPR.cfm