Hidden Regular Variation: Detection and Estimation

Hidden regular variation defines a subfamily of distributions satisfying multivariate regular variation on $\mathbb{E} = [0, \infty]^d \backslash \{(0,0, …, 0) \} $ and models another regular variation on the sub-cone $\mathbb{E}^{(2)} = \mathbb{E} \backslash \cup_{i=1}^d \mathbb{L}_i$, where $… \mathbb{L}_i$ is the $i$-th axis. We extend the concept of hidden regular variation to sub-cones of $\mathbb{E}^{(2)}$ as well. We suggest a procedure for detecting the presence of hidden regular variation, and if it exists, propose a method of estimating the limit measure exploiting its semi-parametric structure. We exhibit examples where hidden regular variation yields better estimates of probabilities of risk sets.