Helping Financials Enhancing Performance Predictions

SunGard's Fame is integrating its historical, global market data with FINALYZ AG's modeling tools to help financial services institutions enhance their ability to accurately analyze and forecast pricing and valuation on global instruments.

Sungard Fame and FINALYZ AG provide firms with performance data and time-series analysis to help support the complex nature of today's financial markets. Quantitative analysts, portfolio managers and traders are limited in their ability to properly forecast prices on instruments due to data volumes as well as cross-border and cross-asset constraints. Firms need data management solutions that can provide millions of data points and objects quickly and cost-effectively.

Fame provides a centralized repository of global, cross-asset market data coverage, including up to 20 years of time-series data analysis, which is used by FINALYZ AG's quantitative modeling and forecasting platform to help develop trading strategies, test models and identify new opportunities. FINALYZ AG's finalyz pSci is a complex forecast analysis system that combines various dynamic filters, pattern verification and decision algorithms embedded in a framework that provides predictions over a broad range of time horizons.

Gerry Murphy, president of SunGard's brokerage and clearance business, said, "Firms need improved data quality, accuracy of forecasts, cross-border and cross-sector coverage and modeling flexibility to help them more accurately assess future performance. Fame, integrated with finalyz pSci, introduces managed price forecasts with historical time-series market data that helps firms to increase trust with their clients, improve decision-making and optimize risk management without forced assumptions and other limitations."

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