Grants for Forecasting Research

The International Institute of Forecasters, in collaboration with SAS, has once again announced financial support for research on how to improve forecasting methods and business forecasting practice. The support consists of two $5,000 grants.

Over twenty five years of forecasting research has seen major changes in the theoretical ideas underpinning forecasting effectiveness. However, there has been less impact on forecasting practice. For the ninth year, after the award of three grants in 2003, and two in each year 2004 through 2010, the IIF, in collaboration with SAS, is proud to announce financial support for research.

Criteria for the award of the grant will include likely impact on forecasting methods and business applications. Although funding is not exclusively reserved for the topics found in the link below, please review for description of primary research needs here.

Consideration will be given to the track record of the researcher (thus, students are expected to have an experienced researcher as a co-writer) and whether supplementary funding is likely to be gained. It is also expected that the research supported by the SAS/IIF grant be presented in an International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) organized by the IIF.

The awards will be made through a committee appointed by the IIF directors. The results of the evaluation will be announced to the applicants within about 10 weeks of the closing date.

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