Frequent Forecasting for Improved Business Performance

PROPHIX Software is hosting their first in a series of Performance Management Webcasts on April 8, 2008. The topic of this initial Performance Management Webcast is "Frequent Forecasting for Improved Business Performance".

Featured speakers include Craig Schiff, President and CEO, BPM Partners and Ami Bhandari, VP of Planning, Analysis & Strategy, Lincoln Education.

In today's fast-paced environment, budgeting and forecasting processes often seem burdensome and can fail to reach their true potential. Budgeting and forecasting are looked at as difficult tasks performed once a year, rather than powerful tools that can be used to increase profits and better align business strategies to changing market conditions. Implementing the right forecasting methods can not only reduce the cycle-time, but enhance results.

"In this Frequent Forecasting for Improved Business Performance webcast you will learn how to use information and data to bring more visibility to your current corporate status," says Nicole Laplante, Marketing Manager for PROPHIX Software. "You will also learn best practices for achieving better forecast results and how to put frequent forecasting into concrete practice in your organization."

Attending this Frequent Forecasting for Improved Business Performance webcast will educate attendees as to how they can:

  • Accurately plan and forecast for precision Financial Management
  • Identify frequent forecasting methods and tools to enhance your company
  • Ensure forecasts are reflective of current conditions as market forces change
  • Manage and deploy resources more effectively
  • Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your forecasting process

Those interested in attending this Business Performance Webcast can register now at