Forecasting the future of consumer electronics

It is always wise to consider the future. This is true during the best of times; certainly it is true during challenging times. With the ongoing economic uncertainty, the implications for the CE industry are crucial, and manifold.

Which categories are slumping? Which ones are weathering the storm? Which ones are even expected to excel? These are the billion dollar questions that any CE insider would pay dearly to answer. Of course, just about everyone would acknowledge that this information is impossible to attain, and it would be prohibitively expensive to even get a glimpse. Right? Wrong! As many CEA members are already happily aware, this exact information is not only available, but is free!

The semi-annual CEA Industry Forecast provides the opportunity to get a glimpse of the total CEA market. Projections are given not only for the coming year, but extend to the next five years. These famous Forecasts reveal the size and growth of over 150 Consumer Electronics (CE) product categories based on consensus data from leading manufacturers and retailers. Whether it's home entertainment, electronic gaming, in-vehicle technology, or emerging categories such as Netbooks, Blu-Ray DVD Players and Soundbars; CEA's methodology produces second-to-none accuracy. All of this data is available to any company that participates in the forecast process, and any company involved in the CE industry is welcome to join the party!

The Forecast enables companies to analyze the industry, ascertain what trends are impacting CE, determine which categories are thriving, and better understand where growth and opportunity exist. A consensus methodology means CEA uses direct input from participating companies, making the results an accurate-as-possible reflection of the industry itself. Concerned about exposure or providing sensitive information? No worries! The information CEA utilizes are at the total industry level-as opposed to a company or specific product level, and is completely confidential.

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