Forecasting Resources

Although I would like to flatter myself and believe that my readers rely solely on The BFD for all their business forecasting news and information, I realize this is not the case. While other sources may not be as honest, useful, or delightfully entertaining to young and old alike, they do prov… ide additional material I'm unable (or unwilling) to cover, and they provide alternative viewpoints. Here are some sources that may be of interest:

International Institute of Forecasters (
o Academic and practitioner membership
o Publications:
 International Journal of Forecasting – academic journal
 Foresight – practitioner journal
 Oracle of the IIF – online newsletter
o International Symposium on Forecasting held every June at sites worldwide
o IIF members get free online access to the journals.

Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (
o Predominantly forecasting practitioners
o Publications:
 Journal of Business Forecasting – practitioner journal
 Supply Chain Forecasting Digest – online newsletter
o Offer webinars, training courses, tutorials, and several conferences per year in the US and abroad
o IBF members get free online access to all past JBF articles (over 25 years worth).

Websites & Discussion Groups:
• Forecasting Principles ( – Sponsored by the IIF, providing (per the website) a summarization of “all useful knowledge about forecasting.” (And I thought The BFD was run by an egomaniac.)
• IBF Forecasting Discussion Group ( – There is also an IBF discussion group on LinkedIn that is quite active.
• SAS Forecasting User Forum ( – Generally more technical discussion of forecasting issues and SAS forecasting software.
• Applied Forecasting ( – A frequently updated compilation of links to forecasting articles, blogs, and events.
• Forecast Focus ( – Social networking site for forecasting professionals, with links, blogs, and a discussion forum. (If eHarmony has rejected you, and Craigslist personals isn't working out, I think you can still get a date here.)