Forecasting Increases Buyer and Seller Success

Manheim, a provider of vehicle remarketing services, added predictive software for forecasting and operations research, delivering better results to customers and bringing greater efficiencies to its marketing and sales processes.

Manheim handles nearly 10 million vehicles each year, generating volumes of data. Managers are alerted to wholesale vehicle price trends and volume patterns so they can take the best marketing actions to maximize cross-business impact. As one example, they revealed a high-growth opportunity in a customer segment which Manheim now targets.

The company’s Chief Economist, Tom Webb, relies on analytics to help customers set remarketing strategies for vehicles, such as lease returns. The analytics-based insights that Webb publishes in the Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index are critical to dealers, government agencies, financial analysts and other auto industry leaders.

For example, the 2011 Mid-Year Edition showed that the use of auctions is growing. During the first six months of 2011, dealers were stocking fewer units, buying more frequently and using more sources. Manheim predicted that market change and formulate offers that helped them achieve a year-over-year increase in dealer volume.

Glenn Bailey, Sr. Director of Operations Research at Manheim: “SAS crunches the numbers from all our auctions, and its predictive insights help us understand our customers and deliver services that improve their results.”

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