Forecasting for Real Estate Wealth

The real estate market has hit a cyclical downturn not seen since the great depression. Property owners and buyers are searching to understand when it will bottom, how much it will affect their home value, and what to do during this uncertain economic turmoil.

John Wiley, Inc., announced the publication of a book written by trending expert Ed Ross. When the market was booming it was easy to guess which way property values would go, up. In today’s market it’s not so easy, especially with some mar­kets stuttering and others chugging along nicely.

Forecasting for Real Estate Wealth gives inves­tors a reliable and proven historical and projected forecast values from 1990 through 2015. Armed with a good forecast, investors can use the author's strategies for making money in a down market, and produce superb investment results in an up market.

Packed with real-world examples and tools for analyzing and comparing properties, this invest­ment resource eliminates the need to guess how much money any property is likely to return for the investor. With Forecasting for Real Estate Wealth, first-time and seasoned investors will be able to use high-powered professional-level tools to achieve excellent financial results, regardless of their local market condition.

The present real estate trend requires that people get clear and precise information before buying and selling. Here are just a few of the many questions Ross answers:
— Why learning to calculate a "rate of return" is so important during a slow market;
— How to accurately predict which property you should invest in for maximum return;
— Why it is much easier to build wealth in a difficult market rather than a robust market.

"This is the first book to provide a practical unbiased real estate trending solution to a slowing real estate sector. The material is for people planning to be or who are real estate holders, buyers, or sellers" said author Ed Ross. "Never before has a book answered the question of future forecast property valuation."